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Heat Defender 2035

As we carry out daily heating water analyses of our partner companies with different treatment systems and changing requirements, we have been able to gather a great deal of experience about the advantages and disadvantages in the temporal development of the heating or process water. VDI 2035 plays a decisive role here with regard to warranty claims in the event of damage. Although the market offers various individual variants for this, they unnecessarily complicate a target-oriented, standard-compliant treatment.

With the Heat-Defender 2035, we have succeeded in combining all systems in one during a four-year development phase. This provides the end user, the heating engineer and the planning office with a simple solution that is safe in the long term.

DE utility model application 20 2019 102 487.9

  • Filtering
  • Oxygen consumption
  • Degassing
  • pH value increase
  • Conductance reduction
  • Magnetite separation
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