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3Sources® Whirling Stone

The activation cascade

With the patented 3Quellen® device the drinking water can be additionally upgraded.
With this process, the smallest flow vortices can be created by means of the built-in ceramic shaped bricks.

Through the contact with the 3Quellen® Vortex Stone the water can experience 3 effects simultaneously:


The image of a mountain stream with its roaring whirlpools illustrates the basis of "moving water" in nature. In the patented 3Quellen® device, flow vortices, so-called vortexes, are created by means of the built-in ceramic shaped stones. The water is thus dynamized and activated.


Water changes its charge properties on contact with silicate surfaces. That is why the company DENK Aqua manufactures the ceramic shaped bricks from CeraAktiv® ceramics. This ceramic is only available at DENK Aqua. CeraAktiv® consists of special water-insoluble silicate minerals, crystals, quartz and feldspar rocks.


The ceramic shaped bricks are produced with patented Porosium® surface is produced. This makes it possible to create up to 100 m² of surface on one gram of ceramic. In this way, we achieve the smallest structures and maximize the effective surface. The turbulence and the contact effect are optimized.

These effects have been proven by three patents, among others, and can therefore be regarded as unique in the field of water treatment.

Protected by three patents in Germany and the European Union: 102009003162, 102014100025 and EP2891641.

*Note: Energizing water is not a scientifically recognized process and is not a substitute for seeing a doctor or taking medication.