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gentle descaling

The house system KALKFREI convinces with its innovative exchanger material. This type of technology is based on a natural mineral and can filter iron, manganese and lime from the water. Gently soft 5-star water thanks to individually adjustable hardness level.

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for the single family house

Through this classic method of Decalcification you have the lime from the beginning completely removed from your water. Thus, limescale deposits in the bathroom and shower are a thing of the past for you.
Enjoy shiny limescale-free results. The hardness of the respective domestic water is reduced with this applied technique. With this type of decalcification, both a Electricity as well as a sewage connection needed, since the lime flushed out via the sewage system will.


This product can only be purchased from authorised plumbing and heating specialists.


Separate brine tank with large filler opening for easy filling of your regeneration tabs.


State-of-the-art electronics, backlit display and comprehensible menu navigation in German.


The granulate "LIBERI" is a high-quality mineral-based exchange material. It not only offers gentle decalcification - thanks to an individually adjustable degree of hardness with a slight increase in pH value - but can also remove iron and manganese from your water.

Operating principle LIBERI

Inside the KALKFREI there is an innovative Exchanger material, which is the Lime content gentle lowers. In addition, it can filter iron and manganese from the water for your personal 5-star taste experience.

The user-friendly Electronics automatically controls the regular regeneration and can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The adjacent Hygiene container can be placed optimally depending on the installation situation in order to Filling the regeneration tablets as simple as possible.

For this type of technology they only need a Drain and power connection.

With the KALKFREI house system, you receive a decalcification system - for lime-reduced water from the water meter to the last water outlet point.

Smart Series Lime-free Table

Handmade in Bobingen