The innovative bead

House plant PILA

natural lime stabilization

The PILA domestic system is an inexpensive and proven domestic water treatment system, because this innovative process does not require consumables, electricity or a wastewater connection.

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House plant PILA

for the single family house

The targeted water treatment serves preventively the efficiency of the domestic installation. Inside the Smart series is a defined, hygienically proven and drinking water certified substrate quantity "PILA

Already a lime layer of 1 mm can increase the energy efficiency of the heat exchangers in the piping system by up to 10% degrade.

Through this innovative system protection the limestone no longer has any possibility of Heat exchangers in the piping system.

Information on larger plants please refer to our technical data or call us directly.

This product can only be purchased from authorised plumbing and heating specialists.


Solid construction element turned from the solid incl. stainless steel connection nipple.


In the first cleaning stage, the water flows through a 3D pre-filter, which removes even the smallest particles of rust, dirt or sand.


The substrate "PILA" is located inside the Smart series. It is manufactured and tested in Germany and is certified for drinking water. This substrate has proven itself for years in lime stabilization and corresponds to applied science.

Operating principle PILA

Due to this innovative system protection, limestone no longer has any possibility of stubbornly adhering to heat exchangers in the pipe system (under pressure), even existing deposits can be gently dissolved. The degree of hardness of the respective domestic water is not changed with this applied technique (no decalcification).. This means that the lime remains in the water and is flushed out again in dissolved form at the respective outlet points.

With the house system PILA you receive a "SYSTEM PROTECTION" for hot water heaters, fresh water modules, plate heat exchangers, etc. for your house technology.

Handmade in Bobingen