Under-table depth filter

wiv® mini
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Deep clean and 5-star quality -
You can taste the difference!

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The 5-star water

  • Powerfree
  • Waste waterfree
  • extensible Modules
  • Price-performance unbeatable
  • quick & easy Mounting

Under-table depth filter

wiv® mini

of course

RRP: 280€

incl. VAT (Dtl.)

The wiv mini delivers water in its purest natural quality in very compact dimensions. Due to the Coconut Membrane any substances present (chlorine, heavy metals, drug residues, etc.) can be adsorbed/reduced from the water.

The respective Mineral content of the drinking water is fully preserved and ensures a natural taste.

With the extension modules you can treat the water additionally.


Deep clean and 5-star quality - with the filter wiv® mini

  • Filtration through coconut membrane
  • Possibly existing ingredients (such as chlorine, drug residues, heavy metals) can be adsorbed/reduced
  • Mineral content of drinking water is not changed
  • Decentralised connection at the drinking water tapping point (e.g. kitchen angle valve)
  • For self-installation in any installation position by means of universal connection set
  • Simple filter change due to twist lock
  • Made in Germany
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The simple installation of the wiv® under-sink filters

Drinking water is as different as people are. Decide how you want your water to flow from your tap. Each of our wiv® undercounter taps simply disappears under the kitchen sink. This keeps the work surface free and tidy.

Technical data  

  • Operating pressure: min. 2 bar - max. 6 bar
  • Capacity: approx. 5,000 l* (replacement after 9 / max. 12 months)
  • Flow rate: max. 5 l/min* with new cartridge
  • Water temperature: 5 - 23 °C
  • Use: Drinking water
  • Dimensions: 11 x 29 x 11 cm (W x H x D)

*The indicated capacities are dependent on the respective water quality and the local water pressure. The capacity may vary.


Recycling concept

For our environment and clean seas

Waste avoidance through recycling!

Conservation of resources! Let's protect our environment - we only have one world!
Please return your used cartridge to BBB GmbH in Bobingen for recycling. We offer you a professional, seamless recycling concept.