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5 Star Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Absolutely separate outlet

If you expect more from a faucet than a system that dispenses hot and cold tap water, then the 5-Star Kitchen Faucet is for you.

For your drinking enjoyment, the 3-way water tap dispenses completely separate cold and hot water and, if desired, also the individual 5-star water with the respective extension modules.

Supplementary products

Body, mind and soul

For people who want something special

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Crystal image transducer

The Energy Bulb

Some things you can't say, you should find out for yourself.

Through contact with the Energy Bulb, the spagyric crystal image can change * This effect can also be tasted and tested in the drinking glass. The handmade borosilicate glass head is manufactured in a regional glass manufactory in Germany and sealed tightly by the water professionals in Bobingen. It contains light storage crystals and a ceramic centering rod. This noble mixture is embedded in a liquid crystal solution.

Handmade in Bobingen - Be curious! Try it out!

Individual water

3QUELLEN® Whirling Stone Pulsator

Some things you have to do yourself to be absolutely in tune with the outcome.

Transfer your vibration to the water, energy that makes you unique as a person. By simply turning the pulsator back and forth in a water jug, you can give the water your own kinetic energy.

Special water, special jug

3QUELLEN® glass jug

A special pitcher for special water.

Together with glassmaker Cornelius Réer, a special glass was developed, optimal for use with the 3-QUELLEN® Pulsator and with deep-purified water. The jug is mouth-blown and therefore has some unique features. The bottom is reinforced and shaped as a wave towards the inside. The glass shimmers slightly turquoise, a high quality glass work and an adornment for any table.*

*Note: Energizing water is not a scientifically recognized process and is not a substitute for seeing a doctor or taking medication.

5-Star Energy®

Light storage crystals

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