Company profile

In the meanwhile more than 20 years of company history BBB Gebäudetechnik can look back on GmbH can look back on a considerable number of innovations and patents. In order to meet the constantly increasing requirements in the drinking water hygiene the foundation stone for a comprehensive reorientation of the company was laid in 2012. This realignment has made BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH now in a position to offer a comprehensive all-round concept. The company combines the following three specialist areas under one roof: drinking water treatment, heating water and services in drinking water hygiene.

The company's goal is to provide everyone with inexpensive access to clean, filtered water. Clean means free of any pollutants such as heavy metals, hormones, etc.


The managing director of BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH is a person who is passionate about inspiring others for something that is not commonplace and is therefore special. His motto: Anyone who understands water is welcome here.

Berthold Böhm

Certified Water Master

The managing director of BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH Marcus Preis is, among other things, an expert in the field of water analysis and the resulting process engineering. He applies his pronounced environmental awareness to the water professionals on a daily basis. His motto: Water is life, let's protect the world!

Marcus Price


Simone Wybiral is in charge of the secretariat at Wasserprofis. She and her office team always convey professional competence and cordiality during customer meetings. Her motto: Start every task and challenge with a smile!

Simone Wybiral

management assistant

After his training as a master plumber, Berthold Böhm jun. was extensively trained by the water professionals in the fields of drinking water and heating technology until he finally became a water professional himself. His motto: You never stop learning, but you can try!

Berthold Böhm Jun.

master plumber and heating engineer

Functioning logistics always require forward-looking warehouse management and organised dispatch. Robert Böhm and his colleagues master this every day at Wasserprofis. His motto: There's no such thing as can't!

Robert Böhm

Logistics & Dispatch Manager

Maximilian Wagner is the newest member of BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH. He sets a straightforward and forward-looking direction and enriches the entire team. His motto: Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product.

Maximilian Wagner

Plant mechanic SHK

Berthold Böhm sen. still shapes BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH today through his great commitment and willingness to help. Even in retirement, Berthold Böhm Sr. still actively supports the water professionals with a helping hand and advice. His motto: "When it counts, I'm there!

Berthold Böhm sen.

Retired senior foreman

Sven Adamek helps the water professionals with the water analyses that arise. Due to his foresighted ability, a precise analysis is always given. His motto: There is only one proof of ability - doing!

Sven Adamek

Laboratory & Analytics

Thomas Beck helps the water professionals with the production of the water treatment plants. His forward-looking work ensures smooth production of the products. His motto: I burn for water!

Thomas Beck

Laboratory & Electronics

Hannes Wörle convinces with his technical understanding.
Precise work and target-oriented production are among his strengths.
His motto: Learn from yesterday, live in today and plan for tomorrow.

Hannes Wörle

Logistics & Production

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who can drive us and our vision forward. If you are enthusiastic about our topics contact us!


Become part of the water professionals

Correct forwarding acceptance and distribution of goods management requires a trained eye. Gerhard Schlausch and his colleagues stand for smooth dispatching at the water professionals. His motto: Strength lies in calm!

Gerhard Schlausch

Receiving & Forwarding