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Mastercraftsman for more than 20 years

The product range of BBB Gebäudetechnik GmbH is used every day in a wide range of applications of technology. So many people use our water, often without knowing it. In order to protect the quality of drinking water, we are represented on a large as well as a small scale.

Die Wasserprofis in Wohnanlagen

Eigenheim bis Wohnanlagen

Perfect water for your home. For heating, cooking, washing or drinking – the best solution for every requirem

Die Wasserprofis in der Landwirtschaft


ent. Water in the agricultural sector requires particularly high hygienic qualities. Our experts ensure that your water meets these requiremen

Die Wasserprofis in Universitäten und Schulen

Universitäten und Schulen

ts. In cooperation with students and professors, we have set up various water projects.

Die Wasserprofis in der Autoindustrie


Crystal clear results in car wash. This is the task we are faced with and our team is 100% fulfille

Die Wasserprofis in Medizin- und Arztpraxen

Medizin- und Arztpraxen

d. Small drop – great effect. The medical requirements for drinking water quality are a particular challenge. The know-how of the BBB water professionals can also shine here.